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Is there documentation for all the members of the experitestClient.Client class?

And is there documentation for other things that SeeTest can do, beyond the "getting started" documentation at ?

For instance when I run a test from SeeTest Studio the index of all tests ever run (C:\Users\efelton\seetest-reports\reports\index.html)
gets populated with the Test Case name. But when I run from within Visual Studio (MS Test) The name is populated with 'null'.

I would be interested in setting the test case name in this table, or even better providing another root directory when all the tests from a particular suite can be collected.


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Hi Efelton,
thanks for your query.

first, for all commands, we only have the online guide, this is the link:
if you expand the 'add new command you'll see all the commands with explanations and examples.

for the other issue,
when you export code into Visual Studio, you will see a [TestInitialize] block as pasted below.
the last line in this block is: client.SetReporter("xml", "reports");.
in order to change the test name from 'null' to something else, you can add the name after "reports" as a third parameter.
you can see the example below:

public void SetupTest()
client = new Client(host, port);
client.SetReporter("xml", "reports", "testName");

Please let me know if this helped you.