Error on installing an '.ipa' file on device connected to the cloud server

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A question received to our support team:
Hi team, we are getting the below error while trying to install an '.ipa' file on a iOS7 device connected to the cloud server.

This is the error:
com.experitest.client.InternalException: Exception caught while executing install: Failed to install the application. Read timed out

We are using the install method as below:

Can you please let me know how to handle this?

Our team's response:
Seems the Client cannot find the app on the specify location.
The question is where does the '.ipa' locate?
Please note that you should specify a path relative to the client machine - where SeeTest runs otherwise it will not work.

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Hi Team,

I am trying to install the application via cloud and i am facing the below error message in the Seetest cloud server UI browser.

User: admin Event: install failure of application: com.experitest.ExperiBank/.LoginActivity(1.0) on device: samsung SM

Can any one provide some the information on this issue?