How to launch internal application like camera for example on android device using seeTest?

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First of all, you need to know the name of the camera activity (It can vary between manufacturers).
So you need to use adb commands to find it.
Optional is to follow these steps:
- Open command line.
- Find path of where seeTest is installed.
- Type cd bin/adb to go to go to the adb folder.
- Type adb shell to go to shell.
- Type pm list packages -s for all system packages in the device.
- Find the activity of the camera on the list of all system packages.
- Type am start to verify that its the activity of camera.
If OK The command you need to run from seeTest is:
run (adb shell am start )

For example
For device samsung galaxy S3 device (also S3 mini)The name of the activity is

The command to use to run adb shell commands is the run command.
See here:

So in order to launch the camera on such devices you should use this command:
run (adb shell am start

Note that you won't be able to use object spy with this app. You can use only text or image recognition methods to run the tests.

You can also check this link for all adb commands:

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what if i need to launch the dial pad on an android, how do i go about doing that?

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You can use the image recognition to click on the icons which will lead you to the dial pad or you can use the "Run" command with the right shell command. To understand the command please go to the Android developers website:

Or the search results of "Shell commands" on our forum:

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I am new to this tool. I tried to record Erabank login screen and it worked fine. But when I tried to launch my mobile app, I am getting error "Failed to launch". I am not sure what is the problem. Can anyone give me solution?


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Hi Suresh,
You are welcome to send the data to our support team at
Add the data from "Help->Collect Support Data" and send it with the request.

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I was hoping they will put a night vision camera option on it as well to make it more diverse.

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Night vision is just an option or setting that needs to be enabled inside camera which can be easily done using the Non-instrumented mode native recognition.

If you are not able to achieve it, please send us your elaborate query to which screenshots.