Import Application throws an error

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I am using seetest ios licensed version 10.3.71
I have created def file for my ipad mini device using xdef method.
I am successfully able to add device in device list.
But when I am trying to import application from desktop, it is throwing an error, attached below.
For first device it had not thrown any error. For second device, it is throwing pop up '2', for third device it is throwing popup '3'.
Due to which I am not able to import ipa file to proceed with my testing.

Please suggest a solution for same.

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Post above, I am able to view my application in Application list.
But while trying to launch it throws an error (attached here)

launch error1.png
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Hi Seema,

From the error message it appears to be an issue with accessing the devices itself.
As we can see in the error pop-up, you need to check you are meeting all those 3 pointers.

Please try the following:
1.Connect the device and add it to the device list.
2.Click on "Edit device" and uncheck the "Full control" checkbox.
3.Manually launch iOS bridge on the device. If you don't see iOS bridge on the device - please import it using SeeTest from SeeTest_Installation_folder\bin\native\LaunchAgent.ipa , install it on the device and launch it manually after doing that.
4.Please open the reflection of the device.
5.After doing that - Please navigate on the device itself to Settings and make sure that the Developer option is now enabled and that the UIAutomation switch in enabled.
6.Click again on "Edit Device", check the "Full Control" checkbox and try opening the device.

If you are able to open the device, you should not face any issues in installing or launching your app.
If you are facing any issues, please send an email to