sequential testing using QTP

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A question we received on support:
How can we execute tests sequentially using QTP?

Our team's answer:
You can integrate tests created on UFT with management software like QC which will enable you to execute multiple test cases sequentially. The tests you're creating should have a recovery mechanism in case they fail.
They should be independent of one another. So if a test fails it will not affect the rest of them.

Here is some guideline on SeeTest integration to QC on the online guide:

Here is a video on how to perform the integartion:

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Can we integrate Seetest Mobile Plug-In in UFT running over remote machine and be able to connect our mobile device in the remote machine to run the test cases?
If yes, can we save our scripts made using that mobile plugin into ALM , so that we can open it in HP ALM and run our scripts?

Please give the detailed process for doing the above. If possible give any video if you have for the same.